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The international magazine team visits Louveira and announces a report on the city in 2022

Published in Portuguese and English, City's Book promotes the city at home and abroad and presents attractions, differentials, management models, and successful best practices.

The team from City's Book magazine was this Wednesday (6) in Louveira to announce that the city will be the subject of a special report that is scheduled to be published in early 2022.

With international projection, the City's Book (Livro das Cidades, in Portuguese) is a well-known publication in the municipalities.

The magazine's team was received by the mayor, Stanislaus Steck.

Published in Portuguese and English, the publication promotes the city nationally and internationally and presents attractions, differentials, management models and successful best practices.

In addition, it works as a tool that can assist in investment attraction strategies that can generate jobs and income.

The content is distributed free of charge to government institutions in Brazil and abroad and commercial associations in the State of São Paulo.

The meeting was attended by, in addition to the mayor: Eduardo Júnior (Government Relations manager of the magazine), Victor Falcão (Public Relations), and Nicole Toldo (Public and Government Relations assistant).

By: Louveira City Hall


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