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 About Us 

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Operating since 2013 in Brazil with great success in helping different cities to increase and improve their business environment.


Starting in 2018 City's Book is bringing to Canada, its experience to build partnerships and promote cities abroad. We are aiming to attract more business investments and contribute to the culture of the cities.


The purpose of this project is to increase the visibility of the thriving Municipalities and to spread the information of  the successful public administration in the national and international market

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We are aiming to generate partnerships, investments, and economic development, to the city in focus.



This project is always carried out together with the Administration of the municipalities highlighted in the City's Book. The publication and website serve as a real "business card" of the municipality by summarizing the main attractions and showing features that define each the area.


It also serves as a facilitator for the implementation of national and international partnerships.

Who Does That?

We are a marketing & communication group. We hold events such as fairs, congresses, exhibitions, government magazines and other initiatives of public policies.

Our team consists of Public Relations, Journalists, Designers, Marketers, Advertisers, Public Policy Managers, and others.

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