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Nova Odessa SP receives the City's Book project - 2018

Nova Odessa is featured in the special edition of City's Book magazine. The publication was launched on Wednesday morning, 27, in the auditorium of the city hall, with the presence of Mayor Benjamin Bill Vieira de Souza, municipal secretaries, city councilors, sponsors and guests. The publication - which had no cost to the municipality - aims to increase visibility and disseminate successful public administration models in the national and international scenario. In a bilingual version (Portuguese and English), the magazine brings data, projects and municipal works that reinforce the potential of Nova Odessa to receive new investors.

Mayor Bill pointed out, among many things, the strategic location of the city and the strong municipal investments as good points. "The location of Nova Odessa is very privileged and we are fully prepared to welcome new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and also improve the conditions of the businessmen who are here," he said. The mayor also emphasized the numbers that prove the investments of the municipal administration in the development. "Only in works of urban mobility, we have invested more than R $ 39 million since 2013. They are investments thinking about the future. We make investments thinking about the population and also about the entrepreneurs, because they guarantee the jobs and, consequently, the heating of the economy, "said Bill.

The director of Economic Development and Social Management, Elvis Ricardo Maurício Garcia, evaluates that the publication is an important tool of disclosure. "We offer excellent conditions for entrepreneurs and we only have to thank all those who sponsored and allowed the preparation of this magazine, which will be another great tool for publicizing the actions linked to the economic development of Nova Odessa," he said.

Victor Falcão, director of Maná Group and responsible for the magazine, explained that the City's Book is the result of a partnership between the businessmen of the city - who sponsored the magazine - and the city that provided information and images of the city. "This edition aims to show the city, attract glances to the municipality and bring new investments. We are sure that Nova Odessa is well-structured, and the City's Book is just a tool to bring more visibility and development to the municipality, "he commented.

In the launching event, the head of the Executive and the director of development composed the table of the authorities together with the first lady and president of the Social Solidarity Fund, Andréa Souza; the Mayor of the City Council, Carla Lucena; the director of CH3 Construtora, Bruno Chohfi and the manager of Ambipar, Fernando Begliomini - sponsors of the magazine - and the director of Maná Group, Victor Falcão, responsible for the publication.


A Executiva - ADV - CIA City - Iberfios - Fitas Progressos - Fibra Experst - Grupo Ambipar - Grupo São Lourenço - Metroval - Ocrim S.A. - Sudeste pré-fabricados - Ortofio.


Nova Odessa City Hall SP 2018


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