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In a special edition, City's Book highlights Vinhedo SP Brazil and its attractions

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Vinhedo is the highlight of the most recent edition City's Book Magazine, launched on Tuesday, 27, during an event at the Hotel Vinhedo Plaza, attended by Mayor Jaime Cruz. In a bilingual version (Portuguese and English), with circulation not only in Brazil but also in other countries, the publication shows some indices of the municipality and reinforces its condition in the national and international scenario by the capacity to receive new investments.

In his speech, during the launch, Mayor Jaime Cruz noted that Brazil has already faced other financial crises and has overcome them. He recalled that large investments and even specific legislation have been made in Vinhedo to cater to entrepreneurs, and that much remains to be done. But he also highlighted the privileged location of the municipality, which is surrounded by excellent highways and is close to Viracopos (airport), the Port of Santos, major technology centers and the largest consumer markets in the country.

Mayor Jaime Cruz (left) in an interview for the City's Book Vinhedo SP 2017 edition

"We can not keep 'skating' in the word crisis. We have to move forward and a moment like this serves as a driving force for us to cheer up. And we who take care of people, we have to value companies very much. Vinhedo was built in these years all with responsibility. So we have reached this stage, with good rates. Vinhedo presents the best rates for investments," said Mayor Jaime Cruz, who praised the fact that the magazine was made without any financial investment by the Municipal Administration.

The mayor Jaime Cruz composed the table during the launch, accompanied by the councilman Nil Ramos; the director of Maná Group, Victor Falcão, responsible for the publication; and representatives of the companies Adelbras, Lenze and Bakels.

Also present were the deputy mayor and the director of Culture and Tourism, Claudinéia Vendemiatti Serafim; the municipal director Edison Ruiz, of Government; Marcio Campos 'Balú', of Services; Junior Vendemiatti, of Transport and Social Defense; Toninho Falsarella, of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture; Júnior Chóca, of Social Assistance; Val Souza, Housing; Iolanda Nunes, President of the Social Fund; and Superintendent of Sanebavi, Danilo Ferraz.

The city council members Rubens Nunes, Flávia Bitar, Sandro Rebecca, Marcos Ferraz, Márcio Melle, Paulinho Palmeira and Rui Nunes Macaxeira were also present, as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

The magazine

The magazine City's Book aims to broaden the visibility of prominent municipalities and share models of successful public administrations for the national and international scenario, aiming to generate partnerships, investments and economic development, as well as attracting new companies and industries to the city spotlighted

Always produced in partnership with municipalities, it serves as a real "business card" of each city, summarizing the main attractions and good administrative practices of public managers. It is distributed to all MERCOSUR countries, embassies located in Brasilia, consulates located in São Paulo, Chamber of Deputies, Senate, among other prominent places.

Original text: Vinhedo SP City Hall - 2017


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