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Hortolândia gains international recognition with the launch of City’s Book 2024 publication

The event, which took place this Wednesday morning (07/02) at Espaço Gold Eventos brought together authorities and businesspeople to promote partnerships, investments and the economic development of the city


This Wednesday (07/02), at Espaço Gold Eventos, the launch of the magazine City's Book Hortolândia 2024 took place, an event attended by Mayor José Nazareno Zezé Gomes, Secretary of Economic Development, Labor, Tourism and Innovation, Dimas Corrêa Pádua and business partners of the initiative. The objective is to boost partnerships, attract investments and stimulate the economic development of Hortolândia, giving the city national and international visibility. This is the third time that the magazine has dedicated its main agenda to the city.

The Mayor of Hortolândia, José Nazareno Zezé Gomes, highlighted the importance of this partnership: "The City's Book Hortolândia 2024 publication represents a milestone for our city, allowing us to show Brazil and the world the economic, social and cultural potential we have. This is a unique opportunity to attract investment, promote partnerships and showcase the progress we have achieved. We are proud to be part of this initiative and confident in its significant contribution to the growth and development of Hortolândia", he highlighted.

The publication highlights themes that make Hortolândia an attractive option for investment, including strategic location, positive socioeconomic indicators, technological hub, educational excellence, population growth, favorable cost of living, qualified labor, infrastructure and security. Furthermore, the city has plans to boost its development, such as City Hall's New PIC (Growth Incentive Plan), announced as part of these government efforts, which foresees investments in excess of R$260 million in works, projects and actions planned for the coming years. The objective is to boost the city's development, being highlighted in the announcement as a strategic plan for Hortolândia, designing infrastructure works and technological innovations.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Labor, Tourism and Innovation, Dimas Corrêa Pádua, emphasizes that the publication functions as a showcase, highlighting the main characteristics of Hortolândia, in terms of projects and investments. "We are committed to boosting partnerships, attracting investments and consolidating our orderly and planned growth, highlighting our unique characteristics. This is a unique opportunity to leverage our development, and we are confident in the significant benefits that this initiative will bring to our city”, he stated.

"We decided to expand our operations to Hortolândia, and this choice was supported by crucial factors such as proximity to customers, effective logistics infrastructure, strategic location on the Brazilian railway network, qualified labor, tax incentives and a favorable business environment. These elements provide conditions ideal for us to be even more efficient and improve our service to the market for the next 50 years” highlighted the CEO of PLASSER DO BRASIL, Victor Araújo.

Produced as a bilingual version (Portuguese and English), City’s Book has national and international circulation, reaching Brazil, all Mercosur countries, embassies in Brasília, consulates in São Paulo, the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, among other prominent locations. The magazine does not incur any costs for the municipality, being distributed free of charge to increase the visibility of Hortolândia and its implemented public policies.

Access the City’s Book Hortolândia 2024 magazine in its digital format:

By Hortolândia City Hall:


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