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City’s Book Shows Indaiatuba in Portuguese and English for Companies

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

It was launched on Thursday (15) an edition of City’s Book which has as its theme the city of Indaiatuba (SP). The magazine that highlights the positive points of the city had other editions in Piracicaba and should launch in Sorocaba soon. Indaiatuba's edition highlights the material produced by City's Book organizers with texts and photos from the City's press office. The event that brought together businessmen, political authorities and guests was held at Kion, on the shores of the Santos Dumont (SP-75) highway.

Victor Falcão, representative of the Maná Group, founder of the project, spoke to Comando Notícia. “It is an action with the municipalities of Brazil and we are starting in cities in Canada. It is to publicize the cities with high degree of development and that has an industrial park, wanting to expand. This material, which has a circulation of 10,000 physical copies, will be sent to trade forums and the city also distributes, ”he reveals.

“Between the closing of the agreement and today it is between five and six months. We did this project in cities like Piracicaba, Salto, Barueri and now Sorocaba. This material is bilingual [Portuguese and English] and will also be shipped to Canada. It is a business card that presents the municipality that has this tool to institutionally present the city. It is a source of pride to be able to take cities like Indaiatuba to the four corners. ”

French praises the city

Canson CEO Frederic Darrigan said Indaiatuba would be the tenth most populous city in France. “It has a population similar to the city of Bordeaux, which is known in the interior world for its wines. Undoubtedly Indaiatuba can be compared and has the pattern of many European cities, ”he says. “When you have a big city like Indaiatuba, it's easy to attract skills,” he added.

Besides him, representatives of other groups were present. Frank Bender of Kion also praised the city. “We fled Rio de Janeiro and the violence there in 2013 and since then we have been surprised by the city. It's near the airport, but it's more than that. Everyone who came from there is proud. And this city is only good because it is a mirror of the citizens, ”he says. The representative of Assaí also spoke to Comando Notícia.

Also present were representatives from Unimax, Honda Group, Corpus, Jaraguá Mall, Yahmar, Tuberfil, SEW Eurodrive and municipal secretaries.

By: Hugo Antoneli Junior / Comando Notícia


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