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City´s Book introduces the city to investors and may generate partnerships with Canada

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Mayor Marcus Melo participated in the morning of Friday (09/20), at the Mogi das Cruzes Digital Polo, the launch of the City´s Book Mogi das Cruzes 2019-20 project, a partnership between the Mogi das Cruzes City Hall, local businesses and the Maná Group City´s Book Communication Group. The event was attended by authorities, large companies and industries of the city, Sebrae-SP and Trade Association of Mogi das Cruzes. The new number will enable city partnerships with Canada.

“I work every day to make life easier for business people and create an environment that is favorable for everyone. This is an institutional magazine that talks about our city and what we want. We cannot disrupt the lives of entrepreneurs who wish to invest or expand their business. We created Develope Mogi, which reinforces this dialogue between the City Hall and the entrepreneur and between the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur. I want to reinforce our commitment to increasingly strengthen the economic activity of our city, ”said the mayor.

The city will have next week the Human Capital Forum, held from September 24 to 26 and in November, will be held the Economic Forum of Mogi das Cruzes, which also integrates the Develops Mogi program. The deputy mayor, Juliano Abe, highlighted the Mogian indicators that indicate the development and quality of life offered by the city. "When we are being prospected by other countries, by other states and being a model and example for other cities, we are sure that we are doing right and the indicators show this growth," he said.

The Secretary of Economic and Social Development, Clodoaldo de Moraes, highlighted the commitment of the Mogi das Cruzes Prefecture to support and reduce bureaucracy. "We are committed to making life easier for business people, with instruments such as the Entrepreneur Room, which has reduced bureaucracy in opening businesses in our city," he said. The city also has the Mogiano Program for Attracting Investments and Employment Generation (Promae), which establishes new guidelines and provides tax and tax benefits and incentives for the establishment or expansion of companies.

During the event, Mogi das Cruzes Digital Polo coordinator Rodrigo Garzi highlighted the program's role in creating a connection between entrepreneurs and startups. “Industries and companies can bring their problems that startups can solve. It is a productive partnership for both sides, ”he said. The program will be two years old on September 27, as part of the program commemorating the 459th anniversary of Mogi das Cruzes.

About to complete 20 years of operation in the city, General Motors was represented by the manager of government relations, Daniel Capelossi Caramori, highlighted what motivated the company to choose Mogi das Cruzes. “I have 20 companies, the same time we are in town. Three reasons motivated GM's choice, location, skilled workforce and favorable business environment. Today we see in this space, which is also a city that looks to the future, ”he said. The president of Höganas Brazil, Adriano Machado and Hiroyuji Tanabe, president of NGK also highlighted the development and progress of the city. Sponsors of this project are: Air Products, Coca-Cola Femsa, EDK, Fame, ABC Foundation, General Motors, Gerdau, Höganäs, JSL, MN Propolis, Movida, Nachi, Neopbo, NGK-NTK, Petrom, Ponsse, Prada , Softys and Winover. The initiative also has the support of the Mogi das Cruzes City Council.

“This new edition shows all the power and grandeur of Mogi das Cruzes. As the city presents itself as an excellent destination for new investments. We are starting an operation in Canada and we will build a partnership, benefiting the city and the companies located here too, ”said Victor Falcão, public relations officer at Maná Group City's Book. The publication had no costs to the City Hall and is the result of a partnership with the business community that sponsored the publication and the Municipal Administration, which provided images and information of the city.

The event was attended by Suzano's secretary for Economic Development and Employment Generation, André Loducca, Biritiba Mirim's Secretary for Economic Development, Jeferson de Oliveira Gomes, Mayor Sadao Sakai and Councilors Rodrigo Romão, Mauro Araujo, Antonio Lino, Emerson Rong and Fernanda Moreno. The event was also attended by the regional manager of Sebrae-SP, Sérgio Gromik and the president of the Mogi das Cruzes Commercial Association, Marco Zatsuga. (Kelli Correa Brito)

By: Mogi das Cruzes Development Secretariat 2019


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