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City’s Book edition is delivered to the 1st BRICS International Municipal Forum - Russia 2019

The first BRICS International Municipal Forum was held from 20 to 22 September in St. Petersburg, with the support of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of the BRICS International Municipal Cooperation Project. The event attracted the participation of BRICS municipalities and was attended by representatives from Brazil, India, China and the Republic of South Africa.

International cooperation offers new opportunities for the integration of successful projects. Participants discussed the possibility of opening a joint network of digital libraries, similar to the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, in all BRICS countries.


Heading the Brazilian delegation, Mr. Henrique Domingues and Mr. Devanir Cavalcante also participated, also representing the city of Guarulhos SP.

In the various meetings of the Forum were delivered copies of the City's Book Guarulhos 2018 Edition, being used as a tool to promote the city of Guarulhos, and its business potential. The material received great recognition for presenting several aspects of the second most populous city in the state of São Paulo.

The Brazilian delegation participated in several meetings during the Forum and also visited the Brazilian Embassy in Moscow where some copies of the publication were also available.


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