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Sumare SP will have new City's Book edition in 2020

On November 29, 2019, Mayor Luiz Dalben of the city of Sumaré, located in the Campinas region, received Victor Falcão, public relations from the City's Book project to discuss the new edition scheduled to be launched in 2020.

Along with the mayor, the meeting was attended by the Secretaries of Economic Development, Claudio Padovani and the Secretary of Social Communication, Alexandre Maluf. The representatives of the city commented on how the material has been well used by the administration and the new investments that Sumaré has been receiving in recent months, as well as the potential and differentials for new business in the city.

At the time Victor Falcão presented Mayor Dalben with some memories of Canada and commented that in the future partnerships can be built between Sumaré and Canadian cities.

For 2020, the City's Book Sumaré edition will be published in Portuguese, English and Mandarin, with a view to greater coverage and scope in its dissemination.

Citys Book Sumar is a strategic tool

Throughout 2018 and 19, Sumaré was invited to attend events and meetings with the purpose of fostering investments in the city. Representing the mayor Luiz Dalben, the city councilor, Otaviano Carvalho, was present at different meetings presenting Sumaré and using the City's Book edition as one of the main institutional promotion materials.

One such event was at the Consulate of the People's Republic of China, where Economic Consul Mr. Yu Yong exposed China's current scenario in Brazil and investment possibilities in Sumaré.

Meetings were also held at consulates of Sweden, Israel and other countries, as well as events at the Bandeirantes Palace in Sao Paulo and Brasilia DF.


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