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Santo André SP gains international recognition with the launch of City's Book

Putting the city of Santo André in the eyes of national and international readers was launched this morning (2) the new edition of the magazine City's Book. The ceremony held in the Burle Marx Hall in the Executive Building was attended by Mayor Paulo Serra and the main businessmen of the municipality, who funded the launch since the edition with more than 100 pages had no public money spent.

The contents of economics, health, education, social assistance, among others, were disclosed in the publication, in addition to interviews with the mayor, Paulo Serra, and the first lady and president of the Social Innovation Center, Ana Carolina Barreto Serra. The magazine brings the stories not only in Portuguese but also in English and Spanish, being distributed worldwide. Thus, the city will have its infrastructure and growth spread worldwide, allowing new communities to know it, thriving new jobs and opportunities.

"The magazine was totally sponsored by the private sector and organized civil society, by people who believe in Santo André, by consecrated brands, it is the symbolism of this industrial force and the rediscovery of the vocation of the city. a resumption of the development of Santo André "commented Mayor Paulo Serra.

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A4 informática - ACISA Associação Comercial e Industrial de Santo André - Atacadão - Braskem - Bridgestone - Coop - Eicon inteligência em controles - Federal-Mogul - Grand Plaza Shopping Liceu Jardim - Logfarma logística e gestão - Madalena cervejaria premium Magneti Marelli - Maxion Wheels - Mercadocar shopping de autopeças - Pirelli - Rhodia Solvay group Shopping ABC

Source: Santo André City Hall SP 2018

Text: Guilherme Menezes

Pictures: Helber Aggio/PSA and Victoria Lohanna (City's Book).


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