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Guarulhos SP Brazil wins bilingual presentation book 2017-18

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Guarulhos in the state of Sao Paulo - Brazil, was presented with a City Presentation book, the City's Book: a special bilingual edition that aggregates and exposes all the strengths and attractions of the city most populous in Brazil, do not counting the capitals. The material was conceived by the company Maná Group and did not encumber the public coffers.

According to the Department of Government, a City's Book has the role of being a real business card, with the objective of increasing the visibility of the powerful municipalities and divulging successful public administration models for the internal and external scenario, in order to generate partnerships, investments and foster economic development.

Present at the launching ceremony of the project held on Thursday, Dec 21, the mayor of Guarulhos, Guti, highlighted the fact that the city has a very strong industry and large companies. "It's strictly crucial for us to fight against unemployment. The only way to bring employability, quality of life and infrastructure to the resident is to act together with the companies, making the city gain national and international prominence, "he said.

The Mayor also thanked the collaborators of this project and stressed that the idea is to continue investing in the recognition of the municipality. "I am very grateful to all those who have joined forces in the preparation of this important document for the dissemination of the city's work. Guarulhos needs to be shown in the four corners of the country and also outside it, "he said.

During the event at the Municipal Palace, Pedro Mori, special advisor to the deputy governor of São Paulo, Márcio França, spoke about the financial situation of Guarulhos and the belief in the growth potential of the municipality. "We believe in this city because there are competent people here. All the secretaries want to do it. But it is worth remembering that the debt that Guti inherited is the same as São Paulo, and the Capital has a budget of almost R$ 60 billion, while here (in Guarulhos) it is R$ 3.4 billion. But who has the will to do reinvents and seeks alternatives, "Mori said.

The Deputy Secretary of Scientific, Economic, Technological and Innovation Development (SDCETI), Antônio Martinho Risso, spoke about the benefit of the project. "A bilingual magazine like this is very important for foreigners and businessmen from other countries with an interest in investing in the city to have the important and necessary information about Guarulhos," he said.

The launch event was also attended by the Guarulhos Directors, Maná Group's Public Relations Administrative Director, Victor Falcão, and representatives of renowned companies from the city that contributed to the City's Book.


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Original text: Guarulhos SP City Hall - 2017


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