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Bragança Paulista will be featured in an international magazine

City’s Book is produced in a bilingual version and aims to promote the city inside and outside the country.

The municipality of Bragança Paulista has achieved positive results in several areas, gaining prominence and being an example for other cities. With this, the National Capital of Handmade Sausage, Poetry city, national headquarters of Brazilian athletics and Red Bull Bragantino, will be highlighted and contemplated with a special bilingual edition of the business magazine City’s Book.

Last Tuesday (14/03), the representatives of the magazine Wanderley Simão (Advertising), Fabiana Ferreira (Communication Analyst) and Sara Ferreira (Administrative and Commercial Assistant), were received by Mayor Prof. Amauri Sodré and Municipal Secretaries Thiago Morais (Social Communication) and Stefania Penteado at the Santo Agostinho Palace (City Hall). On the occasion, the details and main goals of the edition were presented.

“We are very happy for the recognition. This is the result of the work that has been carried out in our city. Through City’s Book, Bragança Paulista will be promoted nationally and internationally, showing the best of our city”, commented Mayor Prof. Amauri Sodre.

The publication of the magazine will not bring costs to the municipality. In addition, it will be distributed free of charge, with the purpose of increasing the city's visibility due to the public policies implemented and several other factors. The edition will highlight the North Zone of the city and the development opportunities.

City's Book is produced in a bilingual version (Portuguese and English), with circulation not only in Brazil, but in all Mercosur countries, embassies located in Brasília, consulates located in São Paulo, Chamber of Deputies, Senate, among other places of emphasis.

By: Prefeitura Municipal de Bragança Paulista


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